Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about products, orders, shipping and rates

Q - Can I use your products on synthetic fiber fabric?

A - No, Phenix inks will not work on synthetic fiber. Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex and others will not hold the color. You can use our products on mixed fabric, but the color will hold only on whatever natural fibers there are. As a result, the final color will be lighter, depending on the ratio of natural fiber vs synthetic fiber.

Q - Do you ship to other islands in French Polynesia?

A - Yes, we ship, by air or by sea, to the islands. Please refer to our shipping rates.

Q - Do you ship worldwide?

A - Yes, we can ship worldwide, through regular postal service. Please refer to our shipping rates.

Q - Are your products in stock and immediately available? How many time do you need to manufacture inks for an order?

A - The only product we keep in stock is the Spéciale Paréos ink, in one liter bottles. All our other products and packaging are manufactured exclusively on order. Production time is normally two working days. Please feel free to contact us for more informations.

Questions about the website

Q - When following links from other websites or search engines, I land on 404 error pages.

As our website has recently been updated, it may be that the links you followed pointed to the old outdated version (it is easy to check: all the webpages of our old website ende with the ".htm" extension, while the webpages of our new website end with the ".html" extension). Do not worry, all the content of the old version has been transfered, and more has been added. We recommend using the navigation bar to easily find the pages you are interested in.

Q - Some elements of the layout (like the menu) do not display correctly.

A - This is usually due to a failure of your browser to load one or more of the stylesheets. Please try to force a cache refresh. This would be Ctrl-F5 on most browsers.

Q - The pages tell me that I use an outdated browser

A - This website has been designed to be used with recent web browsers. If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer older than version 8, certain elements of layout will likely not display properly, which may cause some features to not work properly (like menus not opening in the right place and links difficult to click on). We highly recommand to change your browser for a more recent one (Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 at least, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any recent browser should work).

Q - The website is properly displayed, but vertical scrolling is jerky.

A - If you are using Internet Explorer 8, the background image may possibly be slowing down scrolling. We are aware of this problem and are investigating a workaround. You can also update your browser with a newer one (Internet Explorer 9 or 10 (not Windows XP compatible), or recent versions of Chrome or Firefox should work nicely).

Q - Which web browsers is this website compatible with?

A - Our websit has been tested upon Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer versions 7, 8 and 9. It should work properly on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9, nearly properly on Internet Explorer 8 (see previous item) and improperly on older versions of Internet Explorer. Though it has not been tested on other browsers (like Opera of Safari), it should work properly on any recent browser.